Winter Games Available Soon

You guys all know already that Divisions will be coming out in e-book format on starting July 1 (exclusive until August 1). But Winter Games is also coming out at the same time, and because I’m not sure Divisions needs much more said about it, I thought I’d talk about a not-so-simple little story of a snow leopard trying to untangle his own past.

(If this becomes too long, maybe I’ll turn it into a series like the “Green Fairy” ones, which kind of ended before I’d posted the last one I was thinking about…)

“Winter Games” started on a car trip with Kit. He was asking me what animal I’d be if I couldn’t be a fox, and I said I’d be a coyote. Kit has an affection for snow leopards, and so it wasn’t long before we were kicking around a coyote and snow leopard pair, and for some reason they were reuniting after a long time apart.

I’ve always loved confidence games (“The Sting” is one of my favorite movies) and when you have a coyote, naturally the idea of playing tricks becomes part of the story. But when I started out, I didn’t know anything more than that the coyote and snow leopard had been pulled apart by circumstances and had fallen out of touch. I liked the idea that the coyote was making his living with a 21st-century kind of con game. And one con game isn’t enough for a coyote, so there had to be two.

And more than that, because the games he was playing when they first met are different from the games he’s playing now. Both stories appealed to me, so I thought, why not write them both?

I like to incorporate challenges into the stories I write other than the stories themselves. In this case, it was “can I write the same character fifteen years apart and tell two stories about him?” Sierra learns things in both 1998 and 2013 that affect how he views the world and how he views Carmel. The other thing I wanted to do was keep the incident that happened between them hidden until the end, to heighten the tension of the mystery.

All in all, it seems to have worked out rather well. I’m happy with how it all came out, to be honest, and I hope you guys will enjoy or have enjoyed it as well. :)

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