Things That Are Happening (and not happening)

Catching up on stuff that I haven’t talked about in a while, and what’s going on with them, and all that jazz…

– The Calatians novel, “The Tower and the Fox,” is still in limbo. It’s now three years since I’ve written it, and though a couple people have liked it, a couple others have said that I am a better writer now and it could be improved. I admit that I have had nagging-ish doubts about it, and the prospect of rewriting it from scratch is getting more and more attractive. One of my SF friends is basically rewriting a novel of his according to an editor’s feedback (without the promise of publication), so the fact that this is A Thing People Do makes me more interested to try it. I think, too, that it is a thing I have added pieces to over the years, and maybe a start-from-scratch, write it up as one whole new story as I would write a new novel approach might really benefit it. So that would be on the docket for later this year.

(It is totally going to be my “Summerhill,” and I hope it is as well received when it does come out!)

– The “Waterways” audio book. Well, the guy who was supposed to do it suffered several computer crashes, kept getting busy with “the work that pays the bills,” and, long story short, bailed on the project. I let it sit for a while, and then when I loaded some other books up and started getting offers to voice them, I found someone I might like for “Waterways.” Then I got another audition. So this week I’ll decide between them, I hope, and we can get that rolling again.

– Other audio books. “Bridges” is recorded and still being processed. Hopefully by sometime in July it will be done. “Out of Position” is also recorded and processed. I am listening to it to provide feedback before it goes live, so I expect that to be up this summer. And “Green Fairy” got interest from several people. I chose one who did a terrific job on the audition, and he thinks he can have it done by the end of July. So… fingers crossed, by the beginning or end of August, you guys should be able to pick up a bunch of audio books!

(The OOP one is…interesting to listen to while you’re walking around the neighborhood. It’s fun nodding at random people while there’s a tiger and a fox having explicit sex in your ears.)

– The “Regretrospective” pic. Keovi and I had some discussions about it and she feels better making it kind of a “YCH” auction to have your characters in the picture (which is reliably cute/hot from what I’ve seen). There was some hesitation because YCH pics have gotten a bad rap for whatever reason, but we both feel that with a story behind it, it’s almost like you’re getting your character put into the story, so hopefully that’ll work better. She felt it was more reasonable to ask people to bid on something so that everyone who ends up putting in money gets something (there are three slots) rather than asking people to toss in money just to contribute for a pic.

– Pride pins! I will have at least a few Fox Pride pins at the Sofawolf table at AC, and hopefully more than a few if we get the order in. I also have two new designs that I will be posting on FA soon, and those of you who know me and my books can probably guess the species…

– Other stuff. I don’t know when this will happen, but I am working on a couple t-shirt designs. Will post them on FA when they’re ready.

Um, I don’t remember what else I might’ve told you guys about. The books are chugging along, Red Devil and OOP4 both being beta-read. Cupcake will be edited this month, and I’ll talk to Fuzz about when to release it. Might be at MFF even though it’s looking more and more like I won’t be there. Conventions I’m planning to attend are at, and you know of course that Divisions and Winter Games will be coming out July 1 at (and you have all set up your accounts there, right?).

So if there’s anything I haven’t talked about that you’re curious about, ask! And have a great weekend!

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