AnthroCon Schedule

So yeah, I’m going to be at my first-ever AnthroCon and they have drafted me to sit on panels and yap at y’all now and again! Here is the schedule of when I will be talking and what about, to be updated as updates happen. As always, follow me on Twitter for live “I am paneling now!” during the con (when I remember; also follow @KitSilver because he often remembers when I don’t). These are taken from the full AC schedule, which is now online.

Friday at 1:30p, “Ten Ways To Improve Your Writing” – Self-explanatory.
Friday at 6:30p (according to the listing; 6 pm according to the grid), “Iron Author: Rules”
(Yes, I have been drafted to judge the Iron Author contest. Bring your terrible fiction! Bring it, I say! You cannot destroy me! I have READ SLUSHPILES.)
Friday at 7p, “From Amateur to Pro” – If you can’t make this panel, the short version is “don’t be a dick.”
(I am somewhat amused that my panel on being a pro is scheduled opposite the Ursa Major Awards Presentation.)
Friday at 10p, “Adult Writing – Basic Mechanics” – Mechanics of WRITING. Sheesh, people.
Saturday at 2p, “Reading and Q&A” – I will read from something I haven’t published yet and then will answer questions!
Saturday at 9p, “A Novel Idea” – Come prepared with questions about how to write a novel!
Sunday at 3p, “Submit and Publish” – Also self-explanatory.
Sunday at 4p, “Iron Author: Judging” – DO YOUR WORST.

When I am not on panels, I will likely be in the dealer room signing books. There are a couple performances I want to attend (Fox Amoore and Matthew Ebel’s concerts) and I do have family in the area I will probably spend one morning visiting (likely Sunday), but I will work with the Sofawolf guys to set up times when I will definitely be around. I would say that Friday at the opening of the room I will be there, probably until my 1:30 panel. Going to AC is almost like going to a con in another country for me; I know that a bunch of you ask me every year if I’m going, and so this is the first time I’ll get to meet you. If you want to get books signed, here are the things you should know:

* You can bring as many books as you want, including books you have already bought. If there are a lot of people waiting for a signature, please limit yourself to the books you REALLY want signed and come back later in the weekend for the rest. I certainly don’t mind signing a pile of a dozen books (I have done it before), but the people waiting might, and by Saturday afternoon I’m sure most people will have the books they want.

* If you can’t make it to the dealer’s room, you can catch me after a panel to have a book signed. Usually I have my pen with me.

* Don’t be afraid to ask for a signature or just to say hello! I am a nice fox.

I’m really looking forward to meeting all you guys there! I love doing panels and talking with people, so it should be a really fun weekend.

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