Divisions E-book!

Okay, you guys can stop asking about this and refreshing www.kyellgold.com/pubdates.html and posting wistful sighs to Twitter about how you would LOVE to read Divisions IF ONLY it would be out as an e-book…it’s coming in less than a month, on July 1, 2013.

But that’s not all.

I announced that in the newsletter that went out earlier this week. Since then, I’m happy to say that I’ve made a slight change in the planned release. Divisions will NOT be coming out on July 1 on Amazon. Nor on Barnes & Noble, nor Apple, nor Kobo, nor Google. It will be on those sites on August 1, 2013. If you want to get it in the month of July, in either MOBI (Kindle*) or ePub version, you will have to go to baddogbooks.com.

(*) Consult your Amazon help for how to load MOBI files onto the Kindle. It works for me as a Personal Document, but I have an older Kindle and I use the iOS App more anyway.

If you don’t know what that is, it is a brand-new furry-owned and operated e-book site. I talked about this around the time Amazon pulled Bridges from their store; their POD arm, CreateSpace, also pulled some of FurPlanet’s books, and Fuzzwolf and I had a couple conversations about having an e-book store where furries could buy books without worrying that some over-eager random person could just suspend any title they liked. By the end of those conversations, Fuzz was convinced that FurPlanet could host such a site and went about making it happen.

And now, thanks to Fuzz’s determination and business skills (huge props to him), it is happening. baddogbooks.com is open for a soft release, so you can go and set up your account now in preparation for July 1. And why not shop a bit while you’re there? One of the really nice things about BDB.com is that, in addition to our titles being more secure than they are on any other site, most of your overhead money goes to the furry fandom. The only outside expense is the payment processor–otherwise the sale price is being split between FurPlanet and the artist at industry-standard rates. You’re not supporting Amazon or Apple–not to say you shouldn’t, but personally I’d rather give my money to someone I can meet at cons and shake hands with, who’ll listen to my feedback. And on that note, June is kind of a “beta period” for the site, so Fuzz wants to hear your feedback. This is our store.

So Divisions and Winter Games will be exclusive there for the month of July, and all my other titles are either up already or will be up soon. Check out the site, let Fuzz know what you think, and get those accounts ready for July 1. Dev and Lee are coming at your e-readers in just a few weeks. :)

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