Back From Europe

Well, I’m back on California’s sunny shores after nearly two weeks in Europe. It is kind of good to be home, but Kit and I both would happily have stayed another three or four days in London. We left them enough sunshine to keep them happy for a bit even though we couldn’t stay ourselves.

The highlight of the trip, we both agreed, was the many wonderful people we met. An exhaustive list is rather impossible, but everyone we talked to at Confuzzled was really a pleasure to meet. Special mention to people we spent a lot of time with: Gab, the other GOH, and her partner Fault, who are wonderful people and whom we will happily see at RMFC later this year–you should all go to to check out Gab’s stuff as she is a talented artist and knows her chops writing-wise too; foozzzball the hacksaw rat whom we finally met in real life and who is a good guy to hang out with (and also, needless to say, knows his chops writing-wise); Nightfox, Tani da Real, Jaryic and EosFoxx, and Cheetah, whom we already knew to be great people and so were happy to get more time with them this con (they bring the party with them! we forgive you for the durien candy); Fox Amoore and Alector, whose work we knew and now are delighted to find that they too are fun and awesome people to hang out with; Pinky, who took us to one awesome dinner and almost another; Fabi and Mike, who came down to London to hang out and show us around the city for a very pleasant post-con evening; Srice, who always turns up in the oddest places and makes them more fun; my non-furry friend Jim, who felt maybe not right at home, but at least had a great time…I could go on and on. I know I am leaving people out. I’m sorry all of you who aren’t mentioned, Kaspian and Canis Rufus and Kyyanno and my Geordie mates and all the others! I loved you all! Washu did an AMAZING job as GOH liaison making sure that everything was in order for me and Gab, and Twll put together one of the most beautiful conbooks I’ve ever seen as well as co-writing the Pawpet show and emceeing half the con events (it seemed), and Matt held everything together as chair, and security was on top of everything without being obtrusive, and the rooms were all ready for the events and the food at the barbecue was tasty and plentiful and the events all started pretty close to on time (Pawpet show aside). I judged my second Fursuit Dance Contest (which didn’t get any easier) and led a team in a game of Fursuit Charades (guessing, not acting), and read an unpublished story, and podcasted live to the world (including singing on my podcast which I don’t think I ever did before) and stayed up until sunrise at a room party (but the sun rises like at 4 am so that wasn’t as impressive as it might sound) and oh my gosh you guys I had SUCH a good time, can you tell? I signed books until a pen DIED and met old fans and new fans and made so many friends. Seriously, I know you guys might not get to go as a Guest unless you are very lucky, but you should go to Confuzzled. England is delightful and the people at Confuzzled are super-nice and I promise that you will leave with a whole stack of new friends to fur out at on Twitter and such.

See? You’re already tired of me going on about it, aren’t you? And I haven’t even talked about the great relationship the con had with the hotel–they claimed they were lucky to find such a great hotel, but you know, you don’t luck into relationships like that. You might be lucky to find people receptive to it, but having a hotel love a convention as much as this one did speaks volumes about the quality of people at the convention making the hotel comfortable with them. Confuzzled is moving to a new hotel next year and I am sure they will get along fabulously with the Hilton as well. Still, I do think this hotel was special. The tearful good-bye during closing ceremonies, the six hotel staffers brought out to the stage, the standing ovation from the convention–I’ve never ever seen anything like that before.

And it gets back to what Kit and I said. It’s the people that made this trip special. All you guys, if you talked to me this weekend, you made it a little bit better. I wish I had time and space to thank everyone individually, but I think that would take me most of June, and I am back at work now and the writing calls. But look: Kit and I will be back at Confuzzled, we promise. We’ll hug you or shake your paws then and we’ll pick up right where we left off. <3

(And you Stateside people who didn’t go this year: I expect to see a bunch of you there when we go back. Yes, you.)

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