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Blog Changes

I have updated WordPress and am trying to work it to post to Twitter and Facebook, which involves some necessarily public trial and error. Sorry about this!

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Winter Games, Again

In light of the upcoming release of Winter Games (and Divisions!) to e-book tomorrow, a little more about the story. The band Valhalla (styled after Nirvana, if you didn’t pick that up) was originally just a background theme to the … Continue reading

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Authors Be Aware

There is plenty of advice out there on the Interwebs for authors signing a contract, and a lot of it is “have an agent look over the contract before you sign it.” In the furry and self-publishing world, we generally … Continue reading

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On Complacency and Hollywood Endings

This is about today’s landmark SCOTUS rulings, really. Give me a moment here. Most of my chat has been on Twitter this morning and I’m still thinking in 140-character chunks. Okay. So about…yeesh, just under fifteen years ago now, in … Continue reading

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Winter Games Available Soon

You guys all know already that Divisions will be coming out in e-book format on starting July 1 (exclusive until August 1). But Winter Games is also coming out at the same time, and because I’m not sure Divisions … Continue reading

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That Upcoming Story

So that story I talked about a couple days ago? I posted a foreword introducing it on a Page on this WordPress site (if you are reading this on LJ, then that should be “that WordPress site”) where the story … Continue reading

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This Is Not A Joke

I thought this was an Onion headline when I first saw it: Exodus Int'l Shuts Down: Christian Ministry Apologizes To LGBT Community And Halts Operations via @HuffPostGay #lgbt — It Gets Better (@ItGetsBetter) June 20, 2013 I read it … Continue reading

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Story In Progress

I really never post first drafts of my work. But I started this one story with the intention that it would be a free story online, and then the story got complicated and took a couple interesting turns and now … Continue reading

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Kobo Store Filling Out

I put the uncropped versions of OOP and IP up on Kobo, so the censored-image Smashwords version should no longer be the one for sale there. To determine which it is, read the whole book description and look for a … Continue reading

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Yanked from my Confuzzled-GOH-pal Gab’s tumblr (you should go follow her, srsly) and originally from … (Replace “draw” with “write” and it still works. Try it at home!) how do draw good fill 14 sketch book bad stuff is … Continue reading

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