Upcoming conventions (surprise!)

Travel is in the process of being finalized, so hey, why not! Here are a few conventions I will be hitting this summer. Info, as always, is at kyellgold.com/contact.html and is updated there.

The big surprise on the list is, yes, ANTHROCON. For the first time ever (yes, ever), I will be attending furry fandom’s largest convention and will be on a few panels as well as signing in the dealer’s room at the Sofawolf table–all times TBA, watch this space for updates. I’m pretty excited about this as there are a whole bunch of people year after year who ask me “are you going to be at Anthrocon?” and who don’t go to any other cons, and so finally I will get to see them and sign books for them. You guys may totally bring your old books, and of course I would love if you’d pick up the new ones–Divisions at Sofawolf and Winter Games at FurPlanet, as well as the “What Happens Next” anthology at FurPlanet and the latest Heat from Sofawolf.

Not to overlook the other additions to the list–I will be at San Diego Comic-Con and Rocky Mountain Fur Con once again, and while the former is more of an Experience, RMFC is the better bet to hang out with some cool people and have a more furry time.

So that’s where to see me this summer! More details as events come into focus…

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