Minnesota and Another Sea Change

Minnesota’s legislature passed a bill allowing same-sex marriage (technically repealing a law that had forbidden it) yesterday, which the governor was expected to sign today. This is, of course, awesome news, and I am delighted for all my friends and the many more gay couples who are not my friends in Minnesota.

The thing that startled me about this was that I had no idea it was happening until yesterday. Not that I’m supposed to be on top of all the marriage equality stuff, but you know, I am on a bunch of mailing lists, some Minnesota-focused (hi, Senator Franken!), some gay-rights focused. And usually when a legislature would consider marriage, I would be getting e-mails about how the bill was being presented, who to call to express my favor, etc. I heard that Illinois is preparing to consider a similar bill, for example.

But here, I’d heard nothing–and nor had my outside-of-Minnesota gay-rights friends, at least the few I talked to yesterday. I’m sure that within Minnesota it was bigger news, and partly I am sure this is because it was a legislative bill and not a popular vote, so it is quieter and more dignified by definition. But while the legislation still registers on the national scale, it is now less newsworthy than Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy (which is a big deal from the standpoint of helping women deal with that traumatic surgery, and probably will spike sales of the “Tomb Raider” movie this week among nostalgic young men).

We’re getting used to same-sex marriage. That’s pretty cool.

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