Another Divisions Review

First “Divisions” is tapped to be the Furry Writers’ Guild Book of the Month, and now there’s another review up by Elisa Rolle. Elisa doesn’t really give “thumbs up,” but I think it’s pretty clear from the review that she likes the characters, and as a non-furry reviewing romance books, it’s nice to see a furry book given serious treatment. She says,

this is a very ordinary love story, a nice romance, with that just touch of sexy to make it good, about anthropomorphic characters, but that is like saying the guy had black hair and blue eyes, or the girl had long hair and brown eyes, only that here you have a guy with long stripes and big paws or the other guy with a fluffy tail…

I do of course love reviews wherever they come. It’s nice to see one on a non-furry site, and from someone who understands that furry characters are just another way to tell a story about people.

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