Summer Sale

Oh, e-book pricing! I never get tired of talking about you. Wait, that’s a big fat lie.

Anyway. Lots of people have told me, in tones ranging from comradely to hectoring, that the optimal price for an e-book is $4.99, and while my books sell at a pretty good clip–enough to keep me in Coke Zero, anyway–if I would only drop the price to $4.99, they would magically attract enough people to MORE THAN MAKE UP for the loss in per-book revenue.

I have been skeptical of this for a couple reasons. First off, I don’t think my books are generally subject to casual browsing. People who buy my books seem to generally be going and specifically looking for them, and so $7.99 or $9.99 doesn’t seem as bad a price point (especially when the books have art). Second, when the books DO drop in price, I don’t see any bump in sales as a result. Granted, I’ve only gone down from $9.99 to $7.99, but still, sales are fairly constant.

Well, I decided to try out another experiment. As the anthology “What Happens Next” is coming out this summer from FurPlanet and it has a brand new Argaea story in it, I am going to make it easier for people to get to know that world if they haven’t yet. On Amazon, B&N, and Apple, Volleand The Prisoner’s Release and Other Stories will be $4.99 beginning right now, through August. Pendant of Fortune and Shadow of the Father are both $7.99 still, but if sales of the first two go well, I may drop those too.

And here’s the experiment part. If at the end of those four months the sales of the sale books remains consistently at a higher level, I will leave them at that price.

So spread the word and check out the books. YOU can help determine pricing going forward. :)

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