That’s Not The Right Word

I see these things pop up every now and then. Just FYI.

“playing a roll”

No. Unless you are dressed as a small piece of bread for the “Thanksgiving Dinner” play–and even then–you are playing a ROLE.

“I’m making due with what I have”

No. You are making DO. It’s a weird expression, I know. Don’t make it weirder.

“may peak your interest”

Possibly, if you mean “this may represent the high point of your interest,” but what you probably mean is that it may incite, or PIQUE, your interest.

“managed to eek out a living”

Perhaps, if you are talking about a mouse, or the graduates of Monsters University, but you probably mean “managed to just barely make a living,” in which case you need to move one of those “e”s to the other side of the k (EKE out a living).


“he grabbed the reigns”

If you are describing a usurper to the throne, maybe. Otherwise, you are metaphorically describing the leather straps used to guide a horse, which are REINS.

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