What Do Hockey And France Have In Common?

They both support gay rights.

France is poised to legalize same-sex marriage, adding to the list of countries ahead of the USA.

And the NHL is leading the USA’s professional sports in putting together a network of support in anticipation of gay players coming out soon–which is now in more sports than football.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court continues to think about it, and Time Magazine says that no matter what they decide, the country has already made its decision.

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2 Responses to What Do Hockey And France Have In Common?

  1. Quentin says:

    Exactly, and the last day of the law project on the assembly, for the final lap is…. today.


    Je ne pensais pas la France si proche du Hockey cependant haha.

  2. Karmakat says:

    you may think that france is ahead of time… but you should look upon the manisfestation and mass rally through french cities against it…
    or the reactions from our politics…

    it’s mostly… ‘just a show for votes’
    and as french it pains me that we still in a place as… retarded because of some jackasses…