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There’s an anthology coming out this summer from FurPlanet, edited by the industrious Fred Patten, called What Happens Next. It’s new stories by established authors revisiting their worlds. I have a few worlds to choose from, and initially had thought about a “Waterways” short or a “League of Canids” short, but nothing was gelling. Then I remembered the idea I had for a bonus story for “Shadow of the Father” that I never got around to writing, because the book didn’t quite hit a thousand copies in its first year.

On the recent plane trip to Minnesota, I finished it, and it is now out with the writing group for critique, so it seems likely you will see it in the anthology. Here is a little more about it:

By the end of “Shadow of the Father,” Yilon has matured a great deal in just a week. But what of his brother? Volyan is conspicuously absent from the reunion at the end of the book; Volle and Ilyana tell Yilon that his brother “missed the carriage.” How did that come about? What could he possibly have been doing that was so important as to miss his brother’s Confirmation as Lord?

Well, knowing Volyan, there was probably a girl involved. And there was.

But that’s not the whole story.

Keep an eye on the FurPlanet site and Twitter feed for news of What Happens Next

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