FurCon 2013 Wrap Up

Further Confusion is my “home” con, just a 20-minute drive down the highway, and I haven’t missed a one. This year’s iteration was very familiar, which is a compliment: FC is generally a well-run, well-attended convention that somehow manages to feel full but not crowded (with one exception, for me–going to the art show midday Saturday when it seemed like everyone in the world was in the lounge).

The big event for me this year was, of course, the release of “Divisions,” the third book in the series that began with “Out of Position.” I posted previously about having gone to sign bunches of pre-orders, and because this year Sofawolf also allowed pre-orders of the softcover, I wasn’t sure whether there would be a rush to get the book at its first con. When the dealer’s room opened, people streamed in–and all went to their favorite artists to book sketches. But after about fifteen minutes, a crowd gathered around the Sofawolf table, and then my paw was kept busy with signings for about two hours. It wasn’t quite the rush that Isolation Play produced, but in the end, Sofawolf sold about as many books. The hardcovers sold out by Saturday morning, and may I say again that if you are deciding between the two, not only does the hardcover have an extra story (“Heart,” which is free online), but the gorgeous back cover is completely visible on the hardcover, whereas on the softcover it is obscured by the back cover blurb and barcode and so on. It is a testament to Blotch’s cover that I didn’t even have to mention the extra story most of the time.

I also ran some panels and they all seemed to go well. Briefly, they were: Sofawolf Presents (I read from “Divisions”–and Ryan Campbell read from his upcoming book, plus Blender and Buckhopper read from upcoming Sofawolf books, all of them really good readings!), How To Read, Unsheathed Live, Critiques and Writing Groups, Character Development, My Own Reading (for the third time in my recent readings, people voted to hear a bit of the unpublished Calatians novel), and Adult Furry Fiction.

I do want to call out the Unsheathed episode because we convinced Ursula Vernon to be our guest and despite having a colony of frogs in her throat, she was a terrific guest. When the episode goes up, I’ll talk more about it, but suffice to say you will not want to miss it. I am sure the crowd was not disappointed.

I also went to the art show, which I rarely do, to bid on a couple of the interiors from “Divisions.” As it happened, while I love all the illustrations, Blotch had brought three of my favorites to this show, so I had to make a couple choices, and eventually got Lee in his Knights-shirt and the bar scene. On the Lee pic, because Kit ran off with my other pen to make some bids, all I had left was my gold signing pen, so when I had to make another bid on it, everyone standing around with me teased me. “Oh, REAL SUBTLE, Kyell.” It was the ONLY PEN I HAD LEFT. I guess I could’ve borrowed one. But anyway, the other person bidding on that pic left off when he found out I was bidding, which was really sweet and I do very much appreciate it. I feel guilty about it, though, and I want to post here that although yes, I love all the art Blotch has done for the books, I am fully aware that I cannot afford to buy it all. I have a certain budget, and if someone else loves the characters enough to give Blotch more money, then I will be okay with that (like the Isolation Play cover, which went for $4,000). I may ensure that it’s a LOT more money, though…

Had good writing conversations with a number of folks, worked out timelines for my next two books, tentatively, and will post about those maybe later in the week. Also was very pleased to see that K.M. Hirosaki’s “Summerhill” did very well, as did the new Cupcake “Indigo Rain” by Watts Martin. Also picked up “Initiated,” which is a nice gallery of artists who draw adult material, and “Little Buddy” by Chestnuts and Meesh–lovely art, reasonably good story that needed about four more pages to set up the things that happen–and the new ArtDecade comic “The Luck of Fools,” which was quite enjoyable, as we’ve come to expect from him.

Also I signed a bunch of “Green Fairy,” which is good. I hope that book continues to grow its audience. We’re coming up on its one-year anniversary and I need to check on the sales with Sofawolf to see if I have to write a bonus story for it or not. You know, in addition to the sequel.

Anyway, FC was a good time! I was very happy to meet/see again all of you who stopped by the table and came to the panels, and if you didn’t make it, you should come next year!

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