I flew up to Sofawolf HQ this past weekend—in Saturday, out Sunday—to sign about three hundred books that you guys pre-ordered. Last time I signed pre-orders, with the Isolation Play hardcover, we just signed and numbered a bunch of books, and it was kind of abstract. This time, Sofawolf organized it such that every order for a hardcover got assigned a number when it came in (we numbered 160 books, kept the single-digit ones and #57 for special purposes, and had about five left over), so the way I signed them was to look at the order sheet and write in the number, then sign the book.

A side effect of this was that for that entire stack of hardcovers, I saw the names I was signing the books for. That made it much more personal than just scribbling my signature in a stack of books. So I started thinking, because you have a lot of time when you’re signing for a couple hours, about each one of those books going through the mail to that particular person. I imagined each person opening the package and holding the book, flipping through it the way I flipped through some of them, looking at the very numbers and signature I was writing. And I imagined all of those people lined up at Sofawolf watching me somehow sign the books.

It was a little overwhelming. I know you guys love Dev and Lee, and I know that the numbers tell me that there are a few thousand of you out there who have got their books. But sitting there this weekend was like sitting at a convention, only it went on and on and on (speaking of: yes, I will be at a convention in five days sitting behind a table waiting to sign your books, and if you did not pre-order then I hope to see you there, and actually even if you did pre-order then I hope to see you there).

I am really so deeply grateful to all of you for enabling me to do crazy things like this weekend that just saying “thank you” doesn’t seem enough. But the only other thing I can do is keep writing more books, more Dev and Lee, more Sol and Alexei, more new characters and new worlds and new stories, and that doesn’t really help because then if those do well I have to thank you all over again. But really: you guys are awesome. I hope everyone who ordered a book, hardcover or soft, loves it when you get it. And I hope that you think, when you open it up and see those lines in gold, of an author holding that book in his hands and placing it in yours and saying, “thanks.”

[The e-book of “Divisions” will not be out until later in the year. Watch http://www.kyellgold.com/pubdates.html and this journal and subscribe to the mailing list to hear about the release date! I’m just including this because anytime I mention “Divisions” someone asks me about the e-book.]

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