Find me at Further Confusion 2013

Further Confusion is nigh upon us! For those of you who are reading my blog/twitter/FA for the first time, you will be pleased to know that I am very excited about this convention because I have a book coming out! “Divisions,” the third book in the Dev and Lee saga (is it a saga yet?), will be released in hardcover and softcover. The Sofawolf table in the dealer’s room will have lots of softcovers and a limited number of hardcovers for sale, so come get your books there!

If you pre-ordered, your books will be waiting at the table. Don’t worry. You can still get them personalized by me. Please do not bring books to panels to sign unless you somehow cannot make it to the dealer’s room at all; I ask this because when I sign books at a panel, it brings everything to a stop while a room full of people watches one person get a signature. You can catch me outside a panel if I am not hurrying somewhere else, or anywhere else I’m not really occupied, but in general, if you can make it to the dealer’s room, that’s best.

(There are exceptions–after the Adult Furry Fiction and Unsheathed Live panels, I usually hang out, and am happy to sign books then.)

Here is where I will be and what I will be doing:


11 am: The dealer’s room opens! I will be behind the Sofawolf table for at least two hours to sign copies of “Divisions” for people, or longer if there are more people. Actually I might take a short break for lunch, but I don’t have much else to do Friday until…

7 pm: Sofawolf Presents. You can hear me read a short excerpt from “Divisions.” I will likely read from Chapter 2, which I posted online, because that is fun to read.


10 am: Dealer’s room. I will be back at the Sofawolf table for 2-3 hours to sign and chat with people.

4 pm: How to Read. Join me and fabulous writing people Watts Martin, Rikoshi, and Tube as we discuss ways in which you can train yourself to read better and thereby write better.

6:15 pm: I am not a part of the Matthew Ebel concert, but I will probably try to attend, and you should, too.

10 pm: Unsheathed Live. K.M. Hirosaki, Kit, and I will be back for a live podcast to answer all your writing questions, adult or not. This is always fun and unpredictable, so come on down and see us at our foxy and ottery best. Or worst.


10 am: Dealer’s room. This is likely the last scheduled time I will be at the Sofawolf table, as I have panels all the rest of the day. I’ll pop in between panels when I can, but early in the morning is the best time to catch me.

11 am: Critiques and Writing Groups. Rikoshi, Tube, Mary Lowd, and I talk about finding other writers to exchange stories with and then about not offending them with your critiques once you do.

1 pm: Character Development. Watts Martin, Tube, Rikoshi and I talk about characters, and how to make them three-dimensional so your readers will care about them.

3 pm: Kyell Gold Reading. I will read from an upcoming unpublished work! I have a few to choose from and you will get to vote on which one you want to hear. I will also then answer questions about published/upcoming works, and as I’m sure some of you will have finished Divisions by then, that is fair game. :)

10 pm: Adult Furry Fiction. Join K.M. Hirosaki, Not Tube, and myself as we get down and dirty, or at least talk about getting down and dirty. Sex and the furry fandom are intertwined, so if you’re going to write smut (and you know you are), find out how to do it right.

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