This weekend and next

I am going to be doing a lot of things at Further Confusion (next weekend), and will post a full schedule sometime next week. Look for: Unsheathed on Saturday night and Adult Furry Fiction (whatever they’re calling it) Sunday night. Primarily, of course, I will be in the dealer’s room Friday bright and early to sign all the copies of “Divisions” that you can grab with your grabby paws.

In the meantime, though, this is how much I love you people: I am flying to MINNESOTA in JANUARY at SIX O FREAKING CLOCK IN THE MORNING on a SATURDAY when there is FOOTBALL going on (*). Why am I doing this? For you, my fans, only for you. You guys have ordered something on the order of two hundred copies of “Divisions” (hardcover and softcover) as well as scattered other books, and it is actually cheaper for Sofawolf to fly me to Sofawolf HQ than it is to send a zillion boxes of books to California and back (not to mention quicker and safer in terms of possibly losing/damaging books).

* There is not, of course, football going on at six in the morning, and in fact the first game doesn’t start until right around the time I land in Minnesota. But still: I don’t get to watch the games with Kit and my California football posse. And I fly back Sunday while the afternoon game is going on.

Okay, actually I am pretty psyched to do this. I always like visiting with the Sofawolf guys and their huskies, and I cannot wait to see how “Divisions” came out from the printer. Hopefully I will not screw up the numbering for the hardcovers this time. I also have better pens that will not glop all over the books if mishandled. So I have learned lessons.

And it has not escaped my attention that my publisher is freakin’ FLYING ME OUT to sign books. That’s not one of the usual milestones you hear about for writers, but it’s still pretty awesome. You guys make it possible, with your buying of books and pre-ordering and enthusiasm and all, so when I get up at four-thirty tomorrow morning, I will probably be saying, “Thanks a lot” sarcastically, but I will mean it sincerely. <3

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