Looking Back at 2012

Last year went pretty well for me. I released three books: Green Fairy, The Silver Circle, and Winter Games, and have gotten some good reviews on the three of them even though none of them is an OOP book (this bodes well for when I finish that series). I was a Guest of Honor at a staggering three conventions, two within weeks of each other: FWA in March, Gaylaxicon and OklaCon in October. All three of them were amazing experiences and I highly recommend the cons if they are within your means. I also attended MiDFur as a lower-case guest, and several other furry conventions, all of which were a great deal of fun.

In less visible accomplishments, I wrote a number of short stories, posted a couple online, and had one appear in Heat. I also finished a draft of Divisions, the third OOP book, which was challenging for a number of reasons; I finished a draft of the sequel to Green Fairy; I finished editing the first Calatians book and read the first chapter at two conventions, where it was well received. I am hoping to get it published outside the furry fandom, not because I want to “escape” the furry fandom, but because I would like to see people outside the furry fandom exposed to some of our writing.

And of course you guys all made me very waggy by voting Isolation Play the Best Novel Ursa Major, as well as voting “How to Get Through The Day” the Best Short Story award. I said this at the time, but I don’t take those awards for granted at all. Every year is different, every novel and story is different, and every year I am so, so flattered and honored that you guys still enjoy the books enough to go vote for them. Thank you all for your votes, for your purchases and e-mails and comments and notes all through 2012. You guys are the most awesomest fans.

And now I turn my attention to 2013, with “Divisions” coming out in just two weeks! If you want to keep up with my schedule (books and appearances) and get little extras once a month, subscribe to my mailing list! First mailing going out later today, or early tomorrow.

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