Happy Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I hope you’re having a joyful celebration with the people important to you. Kit and I had a lovely Christmas with family and friends and Les Miserables (I haven’t cried in a theater that much since “West Side Story”), exchanged gifts and hugs and cards and generally counted ourselves lucky to be able to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Kit got me a nifty little Apogee USB microphone (“MiC”) that can connect to a Mac or an iPad, so hopefully I will be able to do some podcasting/livestreaming from remote locations, and maybe the Livestream audio quality will get a little better. We’re excited to try it out.

We watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Kit’s parents, as it had been a few years since any of us had watched it all the way through. It made me think about the impact real people leave on the world, and how either George Bailey is a rare case, or Clarence was only showing him the bits where he made a positive difference–very few of us leave nothing but positive marks on the world. But I do think that most of us can strive to leave a net positive, that we make sure that the mistakes we make are outweighed by the good we do. I don’t think anyone really intends to go through life doing harm, so the lesson to take from this is not so much “don’t be a dick” as “be aware of what your actions mean.” The people who do harm to us often do it unintentionally because they are thinking mostly/only of themselves in that moment, not of how their actions are going to affect anyone else. So keep other people in your mind and, well, yeah. Don’t be a dick.

What’ve you guys got going on for the holidays?

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