Quick Post-Election Note

Quite obviously, I am rather thrilled with the results of the election, and by “results” I mean “most of the politicians elected at a federal level, for my local California government, and for the few other races where the guy running was a douche who said something idiotic about rape; and for ballot measures involving gay marriage in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington, as well as, mostly, the ones here in California.” I do not mean “the spectacularly loud complaints/threats from right-wing lunatics.” I mean, you know, not to harp on 2004, but it wasn’t that long ago that our side was reacting strongly enough to an election to spark an entire meme. And now look at us!

Mostly, when I see the more extreme reactions, I feel sad. I mean, even when this country re-elected George W. Bush, I think most of us believed that there was hope. There were grandiose plans to unite California, Oregon, and Washington for secession; there were threats to move to Canada (which at least make more sense than people threatening to move to Australia or England to avoid socialism).

The point is, I don’t really feel the urge to point and laugh. I wish those people would understand that this is not going to destroy the country, that this doesn’t mean the end of the world or even of America, that they would look around and say, “Okay, the slightly more liberal of two moderates won, so let’s work with this and continue to make this the best country we can make it.” I believe that most of the people who voted for Romney feel more or less this way. It’s only the extremists who are making news with their nonsensical threats.

So if you know a Romney voter, be nice. Don’t taunt, because chances are in eight years, they’ll throw your taunts right back at you. This comes around, again and again, and if you want their understanding when you are on the losing end, be the better person now.

(Also, if you want to see the craziest of the crazies, to whom it is clearly not worth extending an olive branch, go read Wonkette’s compilations.)

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