E-Book Update

Green Fairy is also up now on the NOOK store as well as on iTunes (I can’t get the link because I don’t have iTunes on this machine). I actually like the ePub version slightly better than the Kindle version, only because I was able to get the formatting to work better in that one. But it’s the same text, same lovely Rukis illustrations, all that’s included.

Thanks to all who’ve already picked it up. Yesterday when I just typed “Green Fairy” into the Kindle search, my book didn’t make it into the top ten. Today it’s fifth. And unlike most of my other books, there are some competitors when it comes to that title. :)

If you enjoyed the book, even if you didn’t buy it from Amazon or BN or iTunes, it’d be really awesome if you wrote up a little review in one of those places and/or on Goodreads, if you’re there. Reviews are partly how Amazon, at least, ranks books, and it’s something you can do to help. That doesn’t just apply to my books–several FurPlanet books are also on Amazon, and the more you let people know that you like them, the better they look to the site and the better overall for furry authors.

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