The evolution of Neanderthals

In my last post, I compared anti-gay-marriage conservatives to Neanderthals, and while this is an emotionally satisfying comparison, it’s not a particularly helpful one in terms of creating dialogue. It’s also not completely accurate. Neanderthals had no choice, no way to join the flow of a river that had passed them by. Conservatives have a choice.

They can look at the montages of happy couples celebrating unions. They can look at the statistics of stable marriages, of equally good homes for children, of stronger communities. They can look at the testimony of other people of faith–of all faiths–who believe that marriage of two people of any gender is consistent with the teachings of their faith.

They can ask themselves in their hearts how they would feel if a law prevented them from marrying the person they love, if they are of a different race or religion, if they are too young or too old or from a different country or state, if they are from a different class. And then they can ask themselves in their hearts: what are they really fighting for? Not against, but for? Is it love? Or is it hate?

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