More Tomorrow

I’m thinking about writing about adult material and the fandom, but I want to think about it a little more and right now I have about exactly an hour free. Since I’d rather not rush it, I’ll put off that posting.

But Rukis has some thoughts (of course she does) which are worth reading, and which has five hundred or so comments already. Check it out, think it over. That’s not exactly what I’ll be talking about, but what I’m mulling over is the internal and external perception of the fandom as sex-obsessed, and the fandom’s reaction to it.

I will say that things that have been keeping me busy today include editing books and writing new books and also sending a birthday card to my grandmother. :) I will also be working this week to get “Science Friction” up on various e-book stores, and prepping to go down to San Diego Comic-Con. You guys are all coming to that, right?

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