Heartening Response

I have been quite waggy at the response to my last two posts about being proud to be a furry. People in general have appreciated them and the most negative responses I’ve gotten have been “I don’t know if that applies to me.”

Most of the questions have been around how to deal with the adult side of the fandom when talking to others, and yeah, that’s something that deserves its own post. I didn’t post today because I wanted to finish crossing things off my to-do list, and now it’s five o’clock and the weekend’s started. Maybe tomorrow, or Sunday, or Monday.

But in general, I want to add this one little thing, which came out in conversation today about those posts: when you hide something you enjoy because you’re afraid of ridicule or negative reactions, you are undermining your own decision to keep doing that thing you enjoy. You are, in effect, saying, “you people are right to be negative about this thing I like.” And that makes you feel worse about yourself–and, of course, the fandom.

(Again, this doesn’t necessarily apply if you’re underage and living at home in a conservative family who might kick you out or who has the power to punish you; it doesn’t mean you have to bring your fursuit to work to be completely honest with the co-workers you don’t really want to be close friends with; it doesn’t mean that you have to be completely open about all aspects of the fandom with everyone, or even with most people. It means that if there is someone important in your life who isn’t aware of the fandom but is aware of the fandom-sized hole in your accounts when you tell them what you’ve been up to, then maybe you should think about filling in that hole.)

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