Ups and Downs

So after spending most of the winter and spring writing, I am starting to get feedback on things, which is generally nice. I wrote a short story novelette for the Gaylaxicon conbook that the writing group liked; waiting to hear back from the con people. I wrote a short story for the OklaCon conbook that the other GOH (FA: uglylilmonster) quite liked, using three characters she originated and is drawing for the con. I wrote a Cupcake for September and approached an artist about it, and she just responded today to say that she really liked the story and is enthusiastic about the drawings, so that caused much wagging.  I will definitely be telling you more about the story and the artist coming up to the release in September at RainFurrest (in print; e-book naturally will follow later). And early feedback on OOP3, what little there is, seems mostly positive. At least, people are interested in the story enough to be reading it (and K.M. messaged me to say that I am a bad fox, by which he means a good fox).

And then a friend who is reading OOP for the first time called to say that he is almost to the end and wanted to tell me how engaged he is with the characters, which was really nice and made me happy.

On the downie side, as many of you know from following Twitter, the trusty MacBook Pro has been out of commission since about June 3rd, when it suffered an unfortunate liquid contact issue (MacBooks do not like beer, it turns out). Well, you know, these things happen. I got it back on the 12th and excitedly went to set it up again (because they had to replace the HD–we got all the data off, though, don’t worry, and my writing is all on Dropbox, so pretty safe against accidental loss). It restarted itself once during the setup process, and I thought that wasn’t a great sign, but whatever, it was starting to work…only it kept restarting, screwing up the copying process in a couple cases. I started to worry, and then it behaved okay that night…but the next day it crashed and froze, restarted itself within a couple minutes of logging in, and just generally was unusable. So I took it in to the Apple Store, where of course it behaved angelically. Long story short, a friend who works at Apple came over and helped me diagnose the problem (we’re hoping it’s the Airport Card), and I took it in to the Apple Store today to get that replaced. Paws crossed.

But the thing about that, apart from it taking up a lot of time running back and forth and diagnosing and all, is that I, being brought up Catholic, have this kind of tendency to feel that bad things are My Fault. The liquid spill–whatever, accidents happen, no biggie. But with the thing not working right when it came back, I start to feel like asking “WHAT AM I BEING PUNISHED FOR?”

However, the visit today went much better, and I hope to have it back tomorrow or Tuesday, in time to take on the trip. And the number of parts they replaced versus the cost of the repair makes me feel good, too–yeah, it was an expensive repair, but we got about 80% of a new computer out of it (everything but the display, essentially). So all in all, it’s not been too bad, and I still have the PC laptop I use at home that I can work on.

But it’s been a stressy week, and I’m still nervous about what my critiquers will say about OOP3 in a week.

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