Anthrocon Things!

Specifically, three of them. I have three new things that you can check out at AC this year, and sadly, I will not be there to sign (but you can bring them to RMFC or RF and I will sign them there!):

* Green Fairy has been out for a few months, but it’s new to most of you AC people. If you liked Waterways, you will be happy to see me go back to a high school protagonist. If you like a dash of supernatural in your gay, you will be happy to find a ghost in the book. If you like second-base-playing wolves, snappy coyotes, sarcastic otters, sinister chamois, slinky foxes, or starving-artist rats, well! Is this a book for you! It’s already getting some terrific response from people and has been nominated for the ALA’s Over the Rainbow end of year list, AND I am planning out a sequel. And if all that wasn’t enough, you get some gorgeous illustrations from Rukis and an eye-popping cover. It’s available at the Sofawolf table–run and get one! (And of course, if we sell a thousand of them this first year, I’ll write an extra story in that world for free…)

* While you’re at the Sofawolf table, pick up Heat #9. The adult anthology magazine returns for another go-round, and I have a story in it that I’m quite happy with. It calls back to the League of Canids (third LoC story to appear in Heat), but with a different twist. Also, it has some beautiful work by Nimrais to accompany it. And you know, you also get a whole other magazine full of beautiful stories and illustrations. Such a deal!

* Anthrocon also marks the debut of the print edition of my short werewolf novel Silver Circle, over at the FurPlanet table. The e-book has done well and people have said nice things about it, even my die-hard gay furry readers who wouldn’t normally pick up a book starring a female human. But hey: werewolves! I’ve been most pleased that people like the werewolf mythology I created for the book, because it was something I put a good amount of thought into and thought it felt right for the world.

That’s not too much to keep an eye out for, is it? Hope you guys all have fun at AC and maybe I’ll see you there one of these days. You know, when they move it to California. ;)

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