Updated Publication Dates!

I’ve updated my upcoming e-book publication dates. Some explanations:

* Green Fairy will be coming out sooner than expected in e-book format (I think). I have been talking to Sofawolf about the impact of e-book releases on print sales and we are agreed that releasing it a little earlier than a year after the print release should not adversely affect their sales too much. So we’re gonna try this as an experiment.

* In the Doghouse of Justice will be delayed a couple months, to October. There are a couple reasons for this, but one of them is that this release will actually take a bunch more work than the others. I want to do a version with the original “saucy” stories as well as a version that faithfully reproduces the stories in the print version. Also, if Green Fairy is moving up, I can bump this one back down a bit.

So there you go! I will be busily creating e-books this summer. :)

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