Questions about the Word-Count Contest?

Ask me here.

To recap the rules:

* One guess per person.
* Your guess must include some way for me to contact you–Twitter identity or e-mail address or FA username or something.
* This is important: I will ONLY consider guesses made in reply to this journal, either on my blog ( or on LJ ( Tweeted, e-mailed, FA-noted, FA-shouted guesses will NOT be eligible (this is mainly so I don’t have to go all the hell over the web looking for guesses and maybe missing people).
* The winner is closest guess, which means “smallest absolute value of the difference between guess and what I post as final word count.” You can go over; this isn’t The Price Is Right.
* In case of a tie, the earlier guess wins.
* If you want to alter your guess, delete your previous comment and add a new one. Don’t send me an e-mail with your new guess. (And if you tie, the timestamp of your latest guess is used to determine which is earlier.)
* I reserve the right to swap out the prize, but at the very least it will be a book with my signature in it, and if you want a different book, we can work something out.
* The contest ends when I finish the draft. Once I finish, I will look at the posts and determine a winner, and THEN I will announce the word count. So no cheating with guesses right after I announce.

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