Ursa Major Nomination Deadline Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the deadline to write in your nominations for the best furry works of 2011! You have to register for a key, and then fill out your ballot. I have listed the works of mine that are Ursa-eligible (the novel “Isolation Play” and the short story “How to Get Through The Day” are my favorites of my own), and other wonderful publications such as Blotch’s “Across Thin Ice.” The collections “ROAR” from FurPlanet and “Heat” from Sofawolf contain many worthy stories. Ursula Vernon’s “Digger” and Leo Magna’s “Fur-Piled” both published their concluding volumes in 2011 and they are lovely stories in their own ways.

The Ursa Majors are the award where the fandom gets to recognize its favorite creations, so spread the word and make sure people nominate their favorite works! When we look back through the years at the nominated stories, those give us a good cross-section of what’s popular and what is good in the fandom. So nominate now and vote later.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when it’s time to vote, too. :)

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