Furry Fiesta 2012

Holy cow, you guys, Furry Fiesta is still a fun con. It was weird attending a con without Kit (I cannot remember the last time that happened), but I hung out with Blotch and the FurPlanet guys and wore out another gold pen signing books and got very very silly at a couple points and got to be on Knotcast and was served dinner in a bus by Robin Hood and watched the Oscars and saw many many old friends from TFF and met some new ones and next year I am dragging Kit along with me because I had so many stories to tell him when I got home and I wanted so much for him to have been part of them. It was also weird without Rikoshi there, but we all hope the pair of them can make it next year.

Thanks to FurPlanet and Blotch for letting me lurk behind their tables. And thanks to all of you who came by and said hi–especial thanks if you bought a book. I am allowing myself a day to sort of remember and enjoy the con experience before I have to get all excited and prepped for the next one, which will also involve a book release (an INTERNATIONAL book release) and so I have previews to show you and all kinds of things to tell you about.

But that’s another post. This one is for how awesome TFF was, how the staff continue to attract people by making it a terrific con, and how much I had a good time there.

(Also I got a peek at the theme for next year which I think they announced at closing ceremonies but I haven’t seen it for sure yet, so I won’t say it, but I think it is really terrific and original. Start saving for next year, y’all.)

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