Behind The Stories 5: Stolen Away

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Stolen Away

This one actually is the prologue to a longer story, and the longer story is the one that first popped into my head. But the idea that the young, innocent wolf who is the protagonist doesn’t know what the thief’s intentions are, and the reader doesn’t, either—though the reader probably suspects a little more—intrigued me. In addition, this was a chance for me to explore more of Divalia, the capital of Tephos in my land of Argaea, which I quite enjoyed.

As for the story itself, I haven’t a whole lot to say. The paper boat floating away on rain-filled gutters is blatantly stolen from Stephen King, but in this case the boat comes back. And it isn’t really clear what lesson, if any, Coryn has learned from his adventure with the rat. His father is unpleasant enough, and the circumstances of the end of the story vague enough, that Coryn still feels that he was on a magical adventure.

And who knows? Perhaps he was.

(The story that inspired this prologue is “The Return of Martin Guerre,” so you can guess what the longer story that follows it will be about…)

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