Behind The Stories 4: Halftime Entertainment

This story is now free on FA. The list of my Ursa-Eligible stories is posted at

This one was written as a submission to a non-furry gay erotica anthology. Somewhat to my surprise, it was accepted (“Touchdowns,” from Ravenous Romance), and published about two weeks later.

I had the advantage of having a world set up already, with football teams and animal-people, and I thought about what other gay players in the league might have gone through. In the future sometime, I would still like to write the story of how these two met, let alone began regular trysts, but for the purposes of this short story, it’s very much just erotica: slightly stretching the bounds of believability while (hopefully) remaining kind of hot.

Also, after looking at the previous anthology they had put out, I decided that while the first tier of football-related sex puns was definitely off limits (“tight end,” “wide receiver,” hur hur), I could go with the second tier (“hitting the hole,” “getting good penetration,” etc.). So that made it a little more fun, and I think these two probably use those puns even though they know they’re old and terrible (the puns, not the players).

The amusing thing was that at the time I was writing this, Blotch was frantically scribbling sketches for a compilation CD. They asked if they could use some of the Forester football teams, and I said sure and asked if they had a coyote-deer pairing anywhere in their queue. They did, so I gave them the teams and the numbers, and as a result this story is unofficially illustrated (though the position they’re in in Blotch’s sketch is not the one in the story).

It’s a quickie but a fun story and I like the characters. You will see more of them, I can pretty much promise you that.

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