Behind The Stories 3: A Thousand Kisses

A Thousand Kisses

I wrote this short story to celebrate reaching a thousand Twitter followers, and it grew out of thinking about what romantic thing I could associate with the number “a thousand.” Unless it were a story about Wilt Chamberlain in his college days, number of lovers was out; kisses made more sense. I thought about the kind of person to whom milestones were important, and did a little bit of math in my head. You could easily reach a thousand kisses in two years. And like “How to Get Through the Day,” this became something of a list story, with the kisses marking the important events in our main character’s relationship with his boyfriend: the first kiss, hints at discord in his family, and the thousandth on their second anniversary. The closing line I am particularly pleased with in this one; it still chokes me up when I read it.

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