Valentine Thoughts

I’ve said in the past that if I were to have a holiday that was mine, this would probably be it. A lot of my work is devoted to understanding relationships and the things that tie people together (or drive them apart), and this is the holiday dedicated to celebrating relationships.

I count myself pretty lucky on a lot of counts. First and foremost, I’m married to the best wolf in the world. And it’s not just that I met Kit, that we’ve been together as long as we have, that we mesh so well; it’s that we were able to be married, legally, which seemed decades in the future at the turn of the century. But now there are six states where we could get married, plus Washington, D.C., and the momentum is all heading in the right direction. So support marriage equality where you can. It’s coming anyway; let’s help it get here faster.

Secondly, I count myself very lucky to have met such wonderful people as I have through my writing. My fellow writers, the fans who’ve written me letters, the people I’ve met at conventions–you guys are all wonderful and I would like to send a big huge Valentine to the whole furry community.

Thirdly, I want to offer a note to people who are not in a relationship right now. Don’t be bitter. Love comes in its own time. I didn’t meet Kit until well after my college years. Sometimes it takes a while. But there are things you can do to be ready for that relationship when it happens. I think the biggest thing is that you have to make sure that you are the kind of person you would like to date. Be happy and confident in yourself. If you are desperate for a boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re going to end up either unattractive to people or in a bad relationship, unless you’re really lucky. So send yourself a Valentine today, think about things you like about yourself, and keep your spirits up.

And if you are with someone, hey, it’s not hokey to use Valentine’s Day to remind them how much you love them. Even just a card or a single rose can be meaningful.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! *wags*

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