One More Con I’ll Be Attending

Up until last week, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it to Furry Fiesta. Being a full-time writer is great and all, but it leaves the pockets a bit light, and unfortunately the other conventions on my schedule this year had more pressing obligations. But I never ruled out the possibility, if the airfare was right, and if I had a room to share, and so on.

Well, on the last day of prereg for Furry Fiesta, the airfare dropped. A couple friends who are going to their first FF cajoled me a little bit, and Kit was on board with it, so I bought a ticket and registered and I will now be there (Kit will not make it, alas)! Which is cool, because even if there weren’t obligations, I have been to every FF and it is a con I always really enjoy. I can justify this as a business expense because I will be meeting with the FurPlanet guys while there and talking about projects, and also because they sell more of my books when I’m there to sign them. So I will be doing signings, and I’ll be talking about my new book (which has a new web page up!), and will be getting to see the lovely folks down in Dallas after all.

In short: yay! I’m comin’ to Furry Fiesta!

(Oh, I have a story in the conbook again. THAT streak wasn’t going to end anyway.)

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