Ursa-Eligible Stories: Linked!

Hey, so I figured I would provide links to all these Ursa-nominated stories (or in some cases, just the previews of them) so that you guys can read through them. If nothing is available online, then I posted a link to where you can buy the story. Sorry. :)

* “A Thousand Kisses” (kyellgold.com and FA, January 2011)

* “Halftime Entertainment” (in “Touchdowns” from Ravenous Romance, January 2011–link is to a free upload on FA, adult login required)

* “How to Get Through The Day” (on FA, adult login required, and as part of the Bridges e-book, February 2011)

* “Stolen Away” (in Weasel Presents, March 2011 in e-book, June 2011 from FurPlanet–link is to a teaser on FA, non-adult)

* “The Wallet Story” (Heat #8, Sofawolf Press, June 2011, not available online yet)

* “Weed” (The Fortune Teller’s Poem, FurPlanet, June 2011, not available online yet)

* “Splitting Time,” “Vicious,” “Sim and Scope” (all in “In the Doghouse of Justice,” August 2011 from Sofawolf Press, none online yet, but maybe soon!)

* “Science Friction” (novella, FurPlanet, September 2011, preview available on FA, adult login required)

* “Heart” (kyellgold.com and FA, December 2011–the Isolation Play bonus story)
The Ursa nominating ballot is on their web site and is due February 29! Once they’re all compiled, the nominees will be announced March 15 and voting will go from then through May 4th. I do recommend that you look at all the eligible stories from everyone this year–there are a lot of good ones, and most authors are writing journals linking to what’s eligible. My favorite from this list, personally, is probably “How to Get Through the Day,” if I had to pick just one to nominate. Or “Science Friction.” Because pine martens, right?

And of course, I also have an eligible work for the Best Novel category: Isolation Play. :)

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