Ursa Major Nom Noms!

Hey all, it’s that time of year again! The Ursa Major Awards, furry fandom’s chance to recognize excellence in its own field, are accepting nominations. In case you’re not familiar with the process, here’s how it goes: From now until February 29, you can fill out the nominations ballot and suggest your favorite works from 2011. Then on March 15, the nominees (usually 4-6 in each category) will be announced, and final voting will open, going through May 4. The winners will be announced at CaliFur this year, the first weekend of June.

So if you have a favorite story or novel, comic or graphic novel, published illustration or fanzine that was released in 2011, it’s important to vote for it. There’s no other venue (except cold hard cash) that allows us to recognize creators within the fandom for their works. The final slate of nominees is often used in future years to look at outstanding works from those years, and it’s a real boost to a creator to see his or her (or their) name up there on the list.

So, if you wanted to know what you can vote for of mine, well. I only released one novel, and that was Isolation Play. If you liked it, I would love to have your vote.

Original short stories for this year include the following:

* A Thousand Kisses (kyellgold.com and FA, January 2011)

* Halftime Entertainment (in “Touchdowns” from Ravenous Romance, January 2011)

* “How to Get Through The Day” (on FA and as part of the Bridges e-book, February 2011)

* “Stolen Away” (in Weasel Presents, March 2011 in e-book, June 2011 from FurPlanet)

* “The Wallet Story” (Heat #8, Sofawolf Press, June 2011)

* “Splitting Time,” “Vicious,” “Sim and Scope” (all in “In the Doghouse of Justice,” August 2011 from Sofawolf Press)

* “Science Friction” (novella, FurPlanet, September 2011)

* “Heart” (kyellgold.com and FA, December 2011–the Isolation Play bonus story)

Busy year! If you haven’t checked out all those stories, you can find many of them on my FA account, and others at the publishers’ sites. In addition, you can nominate my two story collections for Best Other Work:

* Weasel Presents (FurPlanet, June 2011)

* In the Doghouse of Justice (Sofawolf, August 2011)

And you should also look at the stunning cover of Isolation Play for Best Published Illustration (it’s by Blotch, of course), as well as the stunning cover of Heat #8 by Kamui and the beautiful cover of Weasel Presents (by Sara Palmer) and of “Doghouse” (by AmonOmega).

Now go vote! Do your part! And on behalf of all the creators in the fandom, thank you.

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