Want to see an awesome book cover?

While you’re all prepping for FC, let me tell you about my book coming out in about two months at FWA. We have a cover now, so I can tell you the title: “GREEN FAIRY.” It is being illustrated by my co-GOH at FWA, the lovely and talented  Rukis, and I am really excited about this one. There’s no explicit sex in it, so it can be cheerfully handed to teenagers and parents.

Here’s more or less how the back cover is going to read:

Being a vegetarian wolf is enough trouble, but if his parents and friends knew Sol had stopped eating meat to be closer to his secret Internet boyfriend, things would really turn ugly. Already, his father’s threatened him with a hot, muggy summer working in the peach cannery if he doesn’t get his act together—translation, win back his starting spot on the high school baseball team. Angry, the teenager finds answers and solace in an unlikely place: a book about a tragic gay romance at the turn of the century in the bohemian district of Lutèce, around the famed Moulin Rouge cabaret. Soon after drinking absinthe with a friend, Sol dreams he is a dancer there, offered a chance to escape his difficult life through romance—at the price of his beloved art of dance.

When the dreams begin to encroach on reality in surprising ways, Sol finds himself beset not only by bullies and his former teammates, but by the problems of a couple who died a hundred years ago. To secure his future before he goes crazy, he will have to learn the difference between reality and illusion, and answer the questions of love and life for himself.

Hope you guys enjoy it! I will be talking more about it and releasing a preview of it after FC, but if you have questions, ask away! Again, this is NOT coming out at Further Confusion. It will be released at Furry Weekend Atlanta in March. :)

Go see the awesome cover! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7182234/

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