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The files are all uploaded, the various sites are just waiting for me to press a button. Are you excited? I’m excited. I feel a certain pride in crafting these e-books, errors and all, because I think with every iteration they get better. I was pleased to be able to improve OOP as well (and I hope you guys are all getting the new shiny illustrated version). Also: the new bonus story for IP will be packaged with the e-book first; it will go up on FA and on my site probably sometime this weekend, for no reason other than that it contains spoilers to IP and if people have been waiting for the e-book, I don’t want to put this tempting thing in front of them before they have a chance to read it.

But today we are talking about Lee. Because he is a football fox.

Lee is one of those characters who goes around trying to change things. Ultimately, he finds that really investing in changing others, if you are a mature person, inevitably means changing yourself. Because to get someone to change, you have to understand them and where they’re coming from, and why they should change to your way of thinking. And in so doing, you take on a little of their way of thinking.

I have sometimes said that Lee is one of the closest of my characters to me. That’s probably not strictly true (as Kit has observed). But Lee is the one I think I would most like to be. He takes more chances, is more passionate about what he believes in, loves fiercely, and is pretty quick-witted. But he’s also vulnerable, and not afraid to admit when he’s made a mistake (which happens often). Also, of course, he’s a fox.

Although people have observed that the first two books seem to focus more on Dev and his changes, I actually feel like Lee is the character who changes most. Dev goes through a lot of surface changes, but remains the same person he was from about the first third of OOP. Lee does a lot more examination of his world-view and has a real internal conflict going on. You can sort of see evidence of the fact that Lee has more conflict than Dev by the way they react to things. Dev is always very sure of what to do (except when Lee is throwing curveballs at him); he rarely over-reacts. Lee is the one who is pulled in different directions, who makes a decision and later regrets it. And Dev is a good, stable influence on him.

So it’s been really neat tracking their relationship and the growth of the characters. Dev has some growing to do too, and I am still enjoying writing about them. And I’ve enjoyed this little eleven-part series. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed reading them, and will enjoy finally getting the e-book when it drops tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me!

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