Isolation Play T-2

Today we are talking about Dev, because he is a football tiger.

Dev is a great character to write, because he’s just so nice. Even when he’s hitting people, he feels a little bad about it later (unless he’s hitting them because they did something bad). He’s more the person who has to cope with bad things happening to him than the kind who makes mistakes that affect other people, and that’s good, because otherwise he’d be too much like Lee. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make mistakes. In fact, my perception of him is that through his childhood, he was always in the shadow of his older brother, which left him lacking in some self-confidence. As a sort-of star in college (at the beginning of “In Between”), he was at a peak of confidence, until Lee broke down his image of himself. Then he had to deal with his sexuality, and once he had more or less gotten over that, he had to deal with being a small cog in a very big machine (the UFL).

As the books go on, Dev gets more and more confident in himself, and Lee is a big part in building up that confidence. What Dev had been doing is letting what he thought he was affect what he did on the field; when he thought he was a star cornerback in college, he didn’t think he needed to line up perfectly or run routes. What Lee taught him in “Out of Position” is that what he does can affect who he is. When he takes the time to work hard and practice, he becomes a better player; when he stands up for himself, he becomes the kind of person worth standing up for.

In “Isolation Play,” he continues learning…

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