Isolation Play T-3

The Kindle version of IP is pretty much ready to go. If I had Internet at the house, it’d be going a lot faster…

One of the fascinating additions that animal characters bring to the world of football is their natural weapons. They can grip the ball with claws, they can whack people with antlers or be grabbed by them, and their tails are definitely something of a liability. But they have good bare paws to get a grip on the field, and the natural size and strength differences, though not as stark as with the original animals, still make for a pretty interesting game.

Of course, the difficulty is that the teams can’t use animal mascots. They can use professions, sort of–one of the teams is the Pilots, and there are also Boxers and Whalers–but in general I chose to give them mythical animal mascots, because they seemed more scary. So we have Firebirds, Dragons, Chimaeras, Unicorns, Devils.

Lastly: I didn’t want to make a 32-team league, so there are only sixteen. The playoffs are short and not many teams make it: only the division leaders and two other teams with the best records. The two top division leaders get a bye week while the others play the wild card teams, then there’s a semi-final round, and finally the championship.

Which I did not want to call by any other name than “the Championship,” for legal reasons, just as the league is the “United Football League” and not “National.” Though I think it’d be funny if the NFL noticed my little books and tried to stop me…

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