Isolation Play T-5

Sorry this is late! Our home Internet is down and we got distracted troubleshooting it, and this post never went up. I’ll do T-4 later today as well.

One of the things about the long storyline spanning three books is that the world is now stuck in 2008. That means…

* Athletes didn’t use Twitter. Most people didn’t use Twitter.

* The iPhone was out, but it was still one of the only ones of its kind. Dev has been avoiding getting one because he goes through phones too quickly, but it’s the sort of thing Lee might have.

* There was exactly one Android phone available, released during Isolation Play, with a second released later in the year.

* Facebook was just becoming a Thing (20 million users in 2007 to 42 million in 2008, to grow to 100 million in 2009).

This all assumes that technology and such follows the same curves and trends that it does in our world, which for the purposes of simplicity I am generally doing. The NFL storylines also kind of mirror our present day, though there won’t be a lockout in the OOP timeline, or even the threat of one. But just as IP is a little ahead of our world when it comes to gay players being outed, so our world may be a little ahead in other areas. Like labor disputes. :)

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