Isolation Play T-6

Hope everyone has been enjoying their Thanksgiving feasts! A lot was made of the Thanksgiving holiday in Isolation Play, and a common response from the beta readers was that they wanted to see the Thanksgiving and how it would play out. I did too! The original timeline for IP ran through Christmas, actually, but as I wrote the book, it didn’t make sense for events to progress that slowly. I wanted the book to have a faster pace, an action-reaction flow, and so it didn’t work to have weeks pass in between things happening. Those kinds of books have a different feel from the dynamic pacing I wanted for the book, so I had to compress the timeline.

There are only a couple points in the book where several days pass, and I try to skim through them with summary. Hopefully you won’t even have noticed them. The downside to that is that the book ends well before Thanksgiving, even though Thanksgiving itself is a strong thematic element–because Thanksgiving in America, possibly more than Christmas, is about families and who is included in them. The apocryphal “how not to come out to your family” story takes place, not at Christmas dinner, but around the Thanksgiving table (“Dad, please pass the salt to the homosexual.”).

But you will be happy to know that the THIRD book actually begins ON Thanksgiving Day. Whether our fox and tiger are together, well, you’ll have to wait to find that out. :)

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