Giving Thanks

I have in the past expressed my thanks for writers, for furry, fans, and friends, and for a big list of things that began with foxes and ends, as most of my lists do, with my husband-wolf Kit. I’m still thankful for all those things, for the furry community, for all you people who keep talking to me about my books, for my close friends, and for my wolf. But I want to talk about something else I’m thankful for today.

I’m thankful for my muse. Most people think of their muses as female; I think of mine as a male fox. He comes around when he likes, stays as long as he likes, eats all our chicken leftovers, and puts ideas in my head. And those ideas have given me endless entertainment, they have brought me into contact with countless wonderful people, they have gotten people to pay me to come to their conventions (another thing I am thankful for), they have, not to overstate it, changed my life. If I didn’t have anything to write about, I would still be working at some tech company on projects that would be forgotten within the year.

So to that little fox who stalks me, who has brought us Volle and Kory and Samaki and Dev and Lee and Yilon and Kip and Sol, who has many more stories up his socks, who occasionally keeps me at the computer late at night transcribing his ideas–my deepest thanks. There’ll be turkey in the fridge. Help yourself.

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