MFF 2011 Recap

Kit and I ventured northwards and eastwards to Chicago, where Kit observed, “It’s always windy here!” We met friends and fans at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, the same site as last year, a hotel I actually like quite a bit. It’s not the Hyatt Schaumburg, but it’s still got a neat interior architecture and you can’t beat the location for convenience.

This year, Kit and I ran the Sofawolf table on Saturday to give the Sofawolfies a break, which seemed to work out well for all involved. I was in a fixed location to sign books for people (and thank you, all who came by), and Brer and Alo appreciated the break. We got to hang out with the partial Blotch at the next table, and with Tempo the booth beagle, and it was a delightful day all in all.

My big regret from MFF is that I didn’t have more time to spend with people. Several times, people started conversations and one or the other of us had to run off; several other times, people asked to have a little bit of chat time with me. I got to see Scappo and really talk to him–we’ve been crossing paths since FWA–and I got to chill with Rukis, my fellow GOH this year and next, and that was very cool. Speaking of FWA, I also got to see Hux and IC Wolf and Tigerpaw (with a friend whose name is just close enough to the name of the main character in a book I recently read that I keep thinking of that name every time I try to remember his; sorry!), and between the awesome FWA staff and me and Rukis, we are planning an awesome con for you guys next year(*). Y’all better be there!

* And when I say ‘we,’ of course, I mean mostly the FWA staff, who are amazing hard workers as well as super-nice folks.

But back to this con. Sunday I got to read the beginning of the novel which will be released at FWA–sorry, one more mention–and I was quite pleased with how it went. The beginning was a recent addition, but it generated excitement and a couple people in the audience said they were upset when I stopped (I’ll post a more complete excerpt up online once I get all my November obligations out of the way–November the month, not November the wolf). Also I found a couple places where it needed some smoothing out. So all in all it was a win.

I got to see a couple non-furry friends who were quite excited by the costumes and the energy around the convention. They accompanied us to the dance and had a blast there, so it was a lot of fun having them around. And I got to go to a couple parties, which were fun, too. MFF doesn’t have a big writing track, so I never really end up that busy with panels, which is a nice break.

On the business end, I talked with a couple folks about some projects I’m really looking forward to working on. As I say often, one of the awesome things about the fandom is the enthusiasm and creativity in it, and getting the opportunity to do these things is just amazing to me. I think about some projects and I think, oh, there are all these technical challenges, and then I talk to some other people and find out that they’ve already solved them and are ready to go. So I’m anticipating being able to announce a couple cool things, one in December and one around maybe February, if all goes well.

Special shout-out to Thaine, who brought, I think, all the books for me to sign. I enjoyed meeting him and his mate and talking to both of them. Thaine is a writer and I hope you’ll see more of his work in the coming years.

Sadly, we did not get to record an Unsheathed episode. Friday and Saturday nights were busy, and we didn’t have a room to record in. But we did release episode 85.5, which will hopefully explain how we’re moving forward with the podcast. Kit has been distracted with house projects and travel and so the production has been delayed, but we are still going, and are still scheduled to have a live episode at FC. So keep an eye open for that.

And that’s my next convention. Hope you guys all have a happy Thanksgiving, even those non-Americans who don’t celebrate it!

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