Isolation Play T-10

Countdown to releasing the e-book of Isolation Play: a thing a day!

One of the things you might not know about Isolation Play is that it was not originally conceived as a separate book. Its story was wholly part of the original outline for Out of Position, until it became clear that if I were to write the whole thing as one book, that book would be a Game of Thrones volume-sized tome.

I like writing a book a year. It seems like a good pace to keep people interested in the things I’m writing, and it seems a good pace to keep me interested in the things I’m writing. I love Dev and Lee to death, and I am excited to be back in their world, but I think if I’d tried to write the whole series in one book, I would have not finished it. I need those “I’m done!” points, and I think the 100-120K word count length works well for the readers as well.

That’s why Isolation Play clocked in at 160K. Er, not really. But more on that later.

Next (probably): why two years between books?

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