Isolation Play T-11

In preparation for the release of IP on e-book stores, I’m going to post a thing a day about the book and its release(*) to get you all excited about it (those of you who aren’t already). And the first thing is…

You can pre-order it from the iBookstore if you’re intending to read it on your iPad or iPhone. Here’s the link:

It still won’t show up until December 1, but if you feel like pre-ordering, you can go click and pay and then you’ll get it as soon as it’s loaded.

Retrospective on MFF coming tomorrow perhaps!

* “Thing a day” offer void where foxes are forgetful and busy(**), but keep in mind that they try, and made the offer in good faith.

** It was a lovely idea from a manager-wolf and the fox just has to do his best to be a diligent writer-fox during the holiday.

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