Old Book on iBookstore

After months of hassle, of missed e-mails in one direction and mysteriously failed uploads in the other, of the same problem being reported and fixed about five times, finally, finally, “The Prisoner’s Release and Other Stories” is up on Apple’s iBookstore.

This completes the catalog of the novel-length works. “Weasel Presents” is not there yet because it doesn’t have an e-ISBN (Amazon and B&N don’t require one), but I am working on getting it up there as well. So when “Isolation Play” hits–that’s December 1–most all my works will be available on Apple’s iBookstore.

I am happy about this because despite the troubles I’ve had with it, Apple’s store is actually one of the smoothest to work with when it’s working right, and they have trained me to put out slightly better quality books. They are not making all the business decisions I would make, but they are maintaining their commitment to the bookstore and as their devices become more and more widespread, I wouldn’t count them out in the race to see who dominates the e-book market.

Right now, my sales there are sporadic, but I have some good months with them. We will see when IP comes out how many people opt for the iBookstore rather than Amazon or B&N. I would be shocked if Apple comes in first, but not if it manages second…

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