How to Get Revised OOP on Kindle

Hey! If you have already bought OOP on Kindle, thank you! You should be getting an e-mail from Amazon in the next week asking if you want the updated version. Here’s what they sent me:

Thanks for letting us know you’ve improved the content of “Out of Position”. I’ve asked the appropriate department to email all the customers who previously purchased your book to let them know an updated version is available; customers will be notified within 5 business days.

At this time, we must receive their permission before sending the revised version to their Kindles because receiving the new version causes highlights, the last page read, bookmarks to be removed, and the locations of any notes won’t match the updated copy of the book.

The new version includes all Blotch illustrations, plus the story “False Dawn” that was posted online and the Blotch chapter-head illustration for that that was included in the hardcover. And might I add that if you have not bought OOP on Kindle…there won’t be a better time!

And BTW, in case it is still unclear, the snarky response I posted about a while back was NOT from Amazon. It was from a random person on their forums. Amazon has never been anything but polite and helpful with me in our business dealings.

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