Because I did a lot of my e-book work early in the month, I ended up finishing the OOP re-release with images at the same time. I’ve sent it up to Apple, and then I thought, hey, you guys were really good when I mentioned being done with the IP e-book and nobody said “why don’t you just release it NOW???” And there’s really no reason for people wanting OOP in the second half of this month to NOT get the updated version.

So it’s up on Amazon now, it has been sent to Apple, and it’ll be on Barnes & Noble this week. EDIT: Fixed some minor formatting problems like, oh, no paragraph indents. It should be available in its new fixed form tomorrow.

I sent an e-mail to Amazon asking them to contact everyone who’s already bought the book to ask whether they want the updated version–currently their policy is that they can’t push new content without your permission. The forums seem to indicate that they have done this for other titles, so let’s give it a few days and see how they do with it. If you don’t get an e-mail by next Monday, go ahead and e-mail customer service directly and ask them about it. Include the ASIN (B003PPDAXQ) in any correspondence about the book. I’ve no idea how B&N does it but I’ll be checking it out (please comment in this post if you have any info–also if you have any challenges getting the updated book).

Thanks for all your support and patience, guys! IP-E Day is almost here!

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